Whether your space is unfinished or historically old, your cabling project straight forward or tricky. We handle everything from single to multi-floor cabling projects. Every cabling jobs starts with a free consultation.



Very much like a cell phone plan.  We have options.  With Voipstream Hosted PBX, there is no upfront capital outlay to purchase or lease a large amount of equipment. This means a substantial savings for your company.


24/7 Support

Each product or service provided is backed up with support as a part of our quality guarantee. We pride ourselves with a 24/7/365 customer support so that we can quickly resolve any problems with your received services.


Client Quotes

“Northeastern has been setting up our networks at each of our new locations for the past 5 years now! Their work is clean and professional!“

Michael Anderson (New York)

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  • In Building Wireless
    Wireless technology has become the primary communications method in public venues and commercial buildings for both personal communication and first responder services. As wireless penetration rates approach and exceed 100%, users demand that their wireless connected electronic devices work just as effectively indoors as they do outdoors.

About Northeastern

As communication infrastructure builders we offer turnkey solutions to provide the customer the most efficient and cost effective install available. We design and build your buildings infrastructure point to point. From equipment placement, Electric, Fiber Optics, circuit extensions or whatever it takes we can enable it.